Hay un bug en el ygopro

Hay un gran bug en el juego ygomobiles

Dupe frog es enviada al cementerio por link summon y no aplica su efecto de añadir a la mano una frog del deck

Sorry I don’t know any Spanish.
This is not a bug( at least in ocg ruling).
The effect of Dupe Frog is“When this card is sent from the field to the GY: ”.
This cannot be triggered by link or syncro summon cause it’s when.
This is what happens during the summon:

  1. select the link monster in EX deck
  2. send frog to GY
  • ↑"When this card is sent"
  1. put the link monster to field, oops you missed the timing

But if you use Toadally Awsome (“If this card is sent”), it should be no problem triggering the iffect